Monday, June 23, 2014

I Do Adult

I did a downright awful job trying to silently enjoy watching Mamrie/Grace/Hannah videos during my lunch break today. I went up into the dark, quiet conference room to further distance myself from the diligent, hardworking folks in the actual office area and thought I was quietly snickering to myself for the most part.
Except for that one bit where I accidentally spat ravioli out onto the glass table because Mamrie said something particularly witty and/or hilarious. As she is wont to do on occasion.
I consistently had to hold my hand over my mouth and cut off the air supply to my nose as well because I could not stop laughing.
These youtubers feel like my friends. (you tuber! #shakesfist)
Which is quite sad really.
But hey they're funny and I like funny people.

When I finally emerged from the dark conference room my single, solitary female coworker (not pertinent to the story whatsoever, gender doesn't matter, just random deets) alerted me to the fact that I was not being as stealthy in my mirth as I had previously imagined.
"Were you watching a funny movie up in there? What was going on??" she asked.
Apparently a couple people grew concerned at the strange noise permeating the office which turned out to be my giggling. Maybe they thought I was crying. Maybe they were convinced an anteater had wormed into our air ducts. I dunno.
In any case, my laughter cannot seem to be contained. Alas.

Also, who wants to help me start a fund to build up the monies so I can buy basically all their Camp Takota merch? Because yaaaaass plz. #dowant

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