Friday, May 18, 2018

2nd Month

We've moved!

In a nutshell; we are on our third investment property, and it's going to take the dream home to make me leave this one. We've been concentrating most of our efforts on prepping the place we moved out of for the incoming renters, and the new place is still undergoing a few renovations, so "chaotic" is quite the accurate descriptor for how things are going over in the Douglass household.
But we're managing, and it's the preferred brand of chaotic so I'll take it!

Rohan is rocketing up the charts like it's a competition, the boy has really packed it on and quick. We feel like Ander was born three months old (aka huge) and just kind of grew at a steady, shallow incline. Rohan was born on the large side of normal and was like, "hold my beer bottle."
He still hasn't confused his days and nights, and we've had two nights within the past week where he didn't wake to feed at all! Sleeping through the night and we are so grateful.
He's on full formula and obviously thriving, giving us more and more smiles and starting to try out his little voice. He loves to be outside and listen to his brother playing. We've noticed that he's quite the social butterfly, wanting to be right in the center of all the action. Whenever he's not snoozing, that is.

Amidst all the moving and renovating, Mark brought Ander into our room the other day, instructing him to "tell Mommy it's time to go swimming!" So we packed up as fast as we could and journeyed out to Butcher Jones out by Saguaro Lake.
Upon arriving, there was a Ranger in his truck who just had to stop to say hi because he "couldn't resist" Ander's adorable, frantic waving. We trekked out to the beach with all our stuff and were immediately set upon by a small pack of wild horses. Mark was instantly nervous and insisted we move our set-up back from the water a bit.

While I snapped photo after photo with our DSLR, I gave Ander my phone so he could feel involved as well. A couple of other photographers with their big fancy lenses thought it was adorable and they snapped a few of him, asking for my email so they could send them to me. Which I thought was very sweet.
Soon after, the horses meandered off and we were able to finally get in the water and play around for a bit. Rohan, however, enjoyed the beach from the comfort of his carseat and napped in the cozy sunlight.

As summer approaches we are starting to see the light at the end of this long tunnel. Our renters move in at the end of the month and as soon as our kitchen and laundry room are taken care of, then it's simply time to get all our stuff where we want it. The fun part of moving! 
We've renewed our City of Mesa pool pass and plan on utilizing it thoroughly. June is packed with trips and reunions and someone's third birthday (which I am avoiding planning because then it won't happen and my baby will stay a baby forever, right? That's how it works, yeah?). 
We couldn't be busier, but we couldn't be any more blessed, either. Full schedules, full hearts.

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