Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wash-Crush Wednesday

It's appropriate because "Wash" starts with a W. And I am referring to a human, not the verb...or the state of denim...or the small ditch...I'm talking about this Wash.

The coolest, cunningest, wittiest, cutie-est, sassiest pilot that ever did pilot. Hoban Washburne. My favorite ginger. Well, my favorite space-ginger. Maybe. Close tie for Ms. Frizzle. I just really love gingers.
I've really been obsessed with Alan Tudyk for awhile now. I would say he was my favorite character in Firefly but really I can't put him ahead of Mal (Nathan Fillion) or River (Summer Glau). I was in a deeper state of denial when Wash's fate was sealed the way it was (no spoilers here) than when Mark and Lexie met their own fate on Grey's Anatomy. I cried more at GA but I buried my head deep in the sand when it came to Wash.
And then I saw A Knight's Tale and I sunk deeper in fangirl with Alan Tudyk.

"It's called a lance...helloo."

"Pain. Lots of pain!"

(Bonus fangirling: Paul Bettany yaaaaaasssss)

So that just kind of cemented things before I really knew what was happening.
Then there was Transformers and I about had a seizure in the theatre when I saw him appear onscreen. It's upsetting me that I can't find any good gifs or pictures of him being the gay german named Dutch who has a way with weapons.
"I'm so sorry. That is the old me."
Alan you sly fox. Sneaking into a movie without me knowing.

On that same note, the moment when credits rolled for Wreck-It Ralph and I saw his name my jaw hit the sticky popcorn strewn floor. I couldn't believe it and went home researching his involvement, watching videos on youtube and trying to hear his voice in King Candy and was just blown away with his amazing talent of disappearing into a character.
I'm struggling trying to choose a select few gifs to share...

I'm pretty sure his character is sadly underappreciated.

And THEN, I got wind that he was gonna be in Frozen and I automatically assumed he was going to be one of the princes and promptly fangirled to my husband about it. Turns out he wasn't exactly a prince, but rather a duke. The Duke of Weaseltown, I mean Weselton, to be exact.
Given the fact that this movie just came out there is very little in the way of gifs for his character. But I basically died. And I hope the Duke's dance moves are art imitating life and maybe there will be a tidbit of that in the DVD special features. Crossing my fingers.

Honorable Mentions:

Mind blown when I found out he voiced Sunny...

(Speaking of which, there is apparently taped evidence of him having studied dance and mime work for this part and I desperately would like to view these rumored tapes. plzthxbai.)

I was sad he was so good at being such a meany in 42...

And there are a bunch of other things I'd love to see just because he's in them. Same reason I watched Waitress, but because Nathan Fillion was in it.

Alan, keep being such a dynamite human. Juilliard student, dedicated actor, eccentric class-clown, dude you're so cool.

"I was a real ham as a child. I'd insist on dressing up as a cowboy whenever the family went out for dinner. In high school, I was a menace. I'd fake nose bleeds and fainting spells to panic my teachers."

Please, excuse my fangirling.