Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Making of the Nomz

I baked a bit the past few weeks and never showed the results! They don't exactly coincide with my "Baking Bad" blog idea (because they turned out legit) so I'm not creating that just yet. Maybe someday.

First I made a Marbled Bundt cake for sweet baby Grant's shower...

Mine turned out less like the book,
and more like an absolutely giant donut.

I honestly don't remember what icing I made....
The recipe didn't even call for a frosting or glaze,
so bizarre.
Pretty sure it was just a simple buttercream.

Not even baby Grant.

Then for the McHardy's Thanksgiving I made a banana cream pie, as requested.

That never happens.
I always break a yolk 
or end up with an egg shell shard.
So I'm pretty proud of myself.

It got crazy in the kitchen for about half an hour.
This was my first time using this recipe, 
so I didn't have a solid grasp on how to appropriately
coordinate the different steps.
I needed to whip up the Nilla wafer crust and bake that,
but I had my cream filling boiling on the stove needing constant stirring,
as well as the necessity to immediately pour the fresh meringue 
on the warm filling.

It turned out okay and I didn't burn any of my appendages.
The crust was the best part. 
Came out tasting almost candied.
The Ninja food chopper was wonderful for crushing the wafers.
I also didn't have any vanilla extract left so the 
Meringue got flavored with Black Walnut extract instead.
Or maybe it was Rum extract...

I also just "inherited" a Betty Crocker christmas cookbook from my Mom so that should have some fun things to try out. I am in love with my huge island. Our oven is a little persnickety and we had to buy a thermometer to be sure it gets to the right temperature, but it gets the job done! With all these Christmas party extravaganzas coming up in a couple weeks, be prepared for more cooking/baking posts.


  1. Oooooo!!! Look at you Mrs Domestic Goddess!! ;)

    1. I'm pretty sure to qualify as Domestic Goddess I'd need to also have a clean house and completed laundry in addition to my baking successes ;) I'm more like a Domestic Kitchen Goddess. hahaha.

  2. Your cake was delicious. I might need the recipe for that pie. Fat baby is fat. End.

    1. Thanks Jen! I'll email you the recipe when I get home....or facebook maybe? I don't think I have an email for you.

  3. You made that cake??! I was wondering who did but didn't get around to asking. SO good! Thanksloveyouyourethebestbye.