Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend of Abnormal Awesome

For the past few weeks I've been racking my brain trying to figure out something to blog about other than, "I ate taco bell for lunch today...again."
Unfortunately I'm not kidding. Beefy 5 layers are my achilles heel with a side of pandora's box.
But now because I challenged the universe it blasted me with a weekend consisting of leaving the house before the sun was aware it was supposed to be shining and getting back into bed long after it ditched. It totally ROCKED. Being busy is one of the ultimate oxymorons of life. It's so nice and fun and makes time pass quickly but then it lasts forever and you never have any downtime to just chill.
Thus! My past weekend in a slightly large nutshell. Like a walnut, or maybe even a coconut if I can remember enough of it.

On Friday, I got to my first job at 7 and commenced rehearsing for the Broadway concert coming up the end of this week. It was one of the first times I've run through the "Aida" set with our advanced ensemble and there's some pretty great stuff going on.
Due to rehearsing small bits I also get some down time while our fantastic choreographer shouts, "5, 6, 7, 8" over and over again.

The kids call this my "pianist from High School Musical" look. I'm really excited for the concert. Mainly so I can stop playing a pretty clunky piano reduction of Les Miserables and not have "Mama Mia" stuck in my head anymore. That would be super cool.
For lunch, I did actually have a beefy 5 layer from taco bell. Only the person on the drivethru was incoherent and turns out I accidentally ordered two of 'em. Makes sense that one burrito and a drink wouldn't cost $4. Go figure. So I got to stop by home and eat a quick lunch with the husband. And try to convince him to put on clothes since he was complaining about the house being cold. I dunno, whatevs. I guess he was trying to really enjoy working from home that day.
I went to my second job for a measly 2 hours because I originally needed to leave by 4 to get back to the high school for solo auditions but they had enough employees that day I got to leave extra early. So then I actually was able to do things with my life! Like go grocery shopping and get supplies for the weekend and take my paychecks to the bank. WUT? Crazy. 
I also was a bad person and bought some things I shouldn't...but those scrapbooking packs of cardstock paper at walmart KILL me. Also colorful sharpies. 
Solo auditions went well, a couple kids ditched but that's to be expected. 
And then! I went to the AZ Blogger meet up at Sweet Cakes Cafe with a good friend of mine (the wonderful world of Allie here). We picked up the lovely Kymber on the way and it was SO much fun to finally meet her in person. It's crazy that there are so many gals out there that I feel like I know but I've never actually met them. It's always so fulfilling to experience their personalities in person. And that's what friday night was all about! The blogger meet up was a total blast and I had so much fun. Plus, it was my first time going to Sweet Cakes and I can't believe what I was missing.

That would be an orange zest cinnamon roll, chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter chocolate chip rice krispie, and a soft oreo cookie. I ate it all. ALL of it. And all the gift bags were so cute! I love both the bags I got and used my new mint nail polish today! It's pretty fabulous. 
I'm so excited to get to read so many new blogs and get to know more fellow bloggers. Many thanks to Camille and Katie for organizing the whole thing. Can't wait for the next one!
After that, we met up with the husbands at Taylor and Thomas' house for "games" but turns out we're all really good at talking. For a long time. We didn't leave till after midnight. Once we got home, I pulled out my gift bags and finally got to sift through and see the "haul". Mark peeked in the smaller, adorable felt robot bag and piped up, "Is that a kite?!" in the voice of a kid who just got told tomorrow was the day they move into Disneyland.
Anyhow, friday was the epitome of awesome. And saturday was a whole new batch of plans.
In the morning was book club with "The Cover Girls". I just love our name. It's so cute and clever. We're awesome. We read "The Goose Girl" this month and I kind of loved it in a total fangirl-omg-best-thing-ever way.

It was a blast chillin' with  my apparent soul sister Ali and gawk at all the amazing Disney art she has hanging around. Plus ice cream sundaes are always welcome.
THEN! My other soul sister Allie and I went to her house way out at the end of the world (aka San Tan) to begin preparations for the bachelorette party of all parties! Our dearest friend Calli is soon to be wed and we weren't about to let her leave the single world without one last hoorah that provides her with all the....nifty "necessities" of marriage night-life. Or day-life. Whenever-life. I'm sure she'll blog about it too and have all the good pictures so we'll all have to wait for that but in the meantime, enjoy our very own "nailed it!" experience.

Those are not regular milk chocolate kisses. They are hugs. They should definitely be a nice striped white. Not crispy, smelly, burnt brown.

No party is complete without drinks. Virgin or otherwise...

We may not have been able to watch Magic Mike but Channing Tatum still made an appearance. Pin the Kiss on the Hunk was eagerly participated in and one particular kiss hit the jackpot.

The party was a rip roarin' success and so much fun. Hilarity was abundant. And once again, I did not make it home till the wee early hours of the next morning. 

Yeah, Channing Tatum. That's a pretty good point to end on.

You're welcome.

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  1. You are hilarious! I didn't know you were the pianist!!! I'm totally coming to the concert on Thursday night! Maybe I'll have to come say hello ;) And Aida is literally one of my favorite shows (well you saw it on my wall hahahaha)