Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wedding Spattergroit

It's like my actual day is experiencing a sugar crash and I'm totally not ready for it. I was barreling through today like a freaking productive monster and all of a sudden there's nothing to do for a couple hours and I'm just stuck. Stuck and restless. And itching to see my honey. But that might just be from a bug bite.

  • Met with photographer
  • Attended "mandatory" orientation for online psych101
  • Took specified drugs
  • Met with printer people for invitations
  • Basically knocked the socks off this wedding planning business.
Although, the picture thing got a little more complicated than I would've liked. We're now kinda forced into doing bridals, which I...want? Yes, and no. Because now I'm all confused and flustered. Because the sun's annoying, trying to have our sealing at 11:15, do family pictures and wedding party pictures at the temple and then get to the reception later that evening was going to involve more driving than anybody ever wants to experience on any wedding day (whether it's your own or not). So that wouldn't work. And no beeping way am I getting up early enough to go do morning pictures at the temple. HAH! So we decided to do bridals February 27th, instead, so we can choose the time of day, get the right lighting, all that technical jazz. But now I gotta rethink all sorts of things and my brain's so scattered today it's proving ridiculously difficult to focus and start at any one specific point. 
And my typing is terrible right now. How frustrating. 
I don't think it helps that I hardly slept last night, ending up just laying in my bed from 6-8am and finally just getting up because I was bored of the ceiling. You can only stare at it for so long. Apparently 2 hours is my limit. 
One thing that's gonna be super nice (and I actually originally wanted in the first place) is we'll be able to get some prints from the bridal shoot and use them at the reception. Yay! But at the same time, now both he and I have to look like we're ready to get married almost two weeks in advance. I only worry about that because I haven't even given half a seconds thought as to what the heck he's gonna be wearing. And do I get him his ring before then, so he can wear it in that photoshoot?? And what in the world am I going to do with my own head? I just wasn't expecting to have these decisions thrown at me so soon. They were there in the back of my mind. But now my brain wants to scoot into 'panic mode' and freak out. Though there's no real reason to. There's still....[gulp] 5 weeks till then. 
I'm getting married exactly 7 weeks from today. Ack! That's less than 50 days!! 
Ohhhh, lordy I really need to get crackin' on organizing all the addresses. Maybe I'm not as on top of things as I was thinking.....
I'm just sooooo, so, so, so glad that at the end of all this I get to stay at home with my brand, spankin' new hubby and cook him dinners and clean our little baby apartment like a good little wifey. I really am having fun with all the planning, sitting on the couch with my mom at the end of the day and making a new list of all the things we still need to work out. The making decisions part of it is still a little weird to me and there's an element of anxiety to it all because....well, my opinions aren't exactly rock-solid so I worry they'll change at any moment and there's really not much time left for indecisiveness. But it truly is comforting that when March 11th comes and all is said and done I can just hug my husband and know we're sealed for eternity and everything is always going to work out because we love each other and that's what you do!
I just gotta figure out who I can ask to help me with my hair and makeup for the bridals cuz, well I'd kinda like to look nice for those. I dunno, it's whatever. 
WEDDINGS!! blealhgaltrlejgoiut. thlghlthplghlthp. Whew!

It's ok. 
You're allowed to love us.
I do, too.

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