Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mini Memorial Day

Normally we're participating in a family barbeque or lake trip for Memorial day, but having just recovered from our sick week, not to mention the fact that Mark is on-call for the week of the holiday, we stayed home and had our own little mini-celebration.
Mark fired up the grill and made us some hot dog chili, and I tackled the ginormous, juicy watermelon I had purchased at Winco some days back. All the while Ander continuously muddied himself up and the dogs panted down our necks waiting for some of the sausages to roll off the grill and into their ready mouths.
My longing for a grass yard knows no bounds, but Ander doesn't even mind the dirt and rocks. I suppose I'll just have to learn from him and be grateful for the things I do have, like a huge yard to begin with, and beautiful, healthy dogs, and a beautiful, healthy family.
Thank God for blessings and thank God for America.


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