Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Y U No Love Me, Monday?

A concise and condensed list of events that happened to me the other day:

  • Flat tire on an already late start getting to voice lessons I accompany for at ASU
  • Felt like a putz for making my regular babysitter bring her napping child over to my house instead, womp womp
  • Banner Neuro FINALLY called me to schedule Ander's EEG whilst I was hastily driving to said voice lessons
  • And it was a machine lady instead of a real hooman. Ain't nobody got time for that!
  • Found out the a/c doesn't work and the electronic locking mechanism in our other vehicle is for real actually bonkers since I had to take another vehicle because FLAT TIRE
  • Had a great time at the lesson, pretty fab, no big deal
  • The rest of the day was fine actually, I just wanna complain
  • What?
  • Sun chips!!? I mean, granted it was their spicy bbq flavor and I hate bbq flavored chips and these were meh, okay, like they grew on me but I'm not diving for another bag especially because immediately afterwards my stomach got all hot and hard and it felt like period cramps but way worse and higher in my abdomen and it got hard to breathe and I'M ALLERGIC TO SUN CHIPS???
Apologies for the over-italicizing I JUST NEEDED EMPHASIS, OK?? Monday Karma kicked my trash and I want the internet to sympathize with my first-worldly plights. 
I'm hoping it's not payback for the fact that I caved and bought my favorite swimsuit from when it was only like 40% off with free shipping instead of waiting for a stellar sale. But I'd been stalking it for months and it's one of their newer styles so it probably won't even go clearance level prices till next swim season and I NEEEEED IT. (Remember, first world plights. I'm vapid and silly.)
The universe obviously forgave me though, cuz the rest of the week has been great. Awesome, even. We (as in Andy and myself) babysat our best bud Izzy and she was a freaking angel-face, you're welcome snapchat friends for all that adorable footage, and then we went swimming at my parents house as the sun was going down so nobody had to wear sunscreen and I only had to stuff Ander into a swim diaper rather than all his rashguard swim gear, AND the diamondbacks had a spectacular game that was so fun to watch and Ander slept on my chest and then my mom's chest and was just a darling peach. 
Then today we went to the splash pad at Riverview for the second time ever and Ander warmed right up to the little fountains and enjoyed getting splashed right in the face, took the best naps ever, figured out how to climb up the recliner and into my lap using the footrest lever (you can imagine my mommy-angst over this new development), and we just had Diamondback tacos for dinner and we're going to the gym as soon as baby wakes up from his current snooze. 

This feels very old-school bloggy. Trying to turn complaining into jokes and just blabbing about life stuff. Hope it wasn't too much of a bummer. I have to turn my attention to laundry because my husband has no more clean pants left and I haven't folded or put away the last like, five loads. I wish I was exaggerating.

P.S. Pray with me that this will look as good on my pasty white skin as it does on this goddess.


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