Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ander's Eighth Month

My brain is literally stuck back in January. Which was mostly fine when it was February. But now it's March and I'm like, "what day is it??" 
I blame Leap Day.

Not a whole lot happened in February (that I didn't already blog about, see My Faire Valentine) so prepare ye for a whole lot of boring and an excess of pictures of this goober.


Ander has contracted the adorable moniker of ATB aka All-Terrain Baby, which he utilizes quite often. Nothing stands in this kid's way, he just barrels over anything and everything. Which keeps me on my toes, that's for certain. I see many casts and bandages in his future. 
He has five teeth. Three on the bottom and the top two are about halfway in now. I can hear him grinding them when he eats and the sound of it makes my insides shrivel. He eats anything and everything, as well. Mostly paper. If I would let him. He loves all his purees, will strip a pickle of all it's juicy innards, and likes to be large and in charge of whatever goes into his mouth. 
Which wouldn't be a problem if he could adequately maneuver a fork.
His hair is only barely thinning, limited to the areas that he lays on most for naps, and is in need of a trim yet again. I've already lost count. Maybe the fourth time now we've cut it. And the blue eyes are definitely here to stay. Though with a blue-eyed mom and pop, that's hardly a surprise. 
Last I checked on our scale at home, he's upwards of 25 lbs, and I have no idea how long he is. He doesn't have a doctor's checkup for another couple weeks yet. 
Bubba has been pulling himself up on furniture and walls and cupboards and anything remotely taller than he is for weeks now. Just yesterday, March 1st, he began free standing all on his own. I happened to be taking his eight month photos when it happened again. He's so tall he stood right out of the frame!

I meant to get a picture of him with Papa seeing as Ander was wearing his tool belt and Grandpa was doing yard work outside with his tools. But I forgot.

Ander loves people, and dirt, and rocks and plants, animals, textures, light, his fuzzy blankets, driving in the car, riding in the grocery cart, reaching for stuff, getting his hands on the most dangerous item in the room, and TV REMOTES. He is a literal truffle sniffing hog when it comes to the remote. The room could be littered with all the best toys and he'll see that little black rectangle, buttons down to the carpet, not even visible, and he makes a beeline straight for it. 
He's a cutie and I'm so glad I get to be his best friend.


And finally we get to showcase a monthly onesie that someone else painted! This months was beautifully designed by our good friend Allie! 

How appropriate that she did an under the sea theme and this week she and her family are vacationing in Hawaii!! Currently living vicariously through her social media, it's fine. 
We seriously can't wait for swimming season. My parents have a tiny, hot tub sized pool-ish water feature in their backyard and already Ander is no happier than when we dip his toes in and let him splash around. Though it'll be a chore keeping little mini-ginger from sunburning every ten minutes he's exposed. 

Bring on Summer!

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