Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ander's Second Month

Who was put in charge of deciding how the year was divided up? Cuz the whole pregnancy was measured in weeks and now all of a sudden my baby is nine weeks and five days yet somehow counted as exactly two months old. Because it's the 25th of the month and he was born on the 25th? #yestologic

This year has been a crazy whirlwind. I was due in June, we sold our house the first of April (a point of much mirth between Mark and I), and we didn't get into our new place till after Andy was born. And I won't even get into the festering yuck pile of that whole experience. Maybe someday. When I have more than the allotted time that the bottle Baby is chugging down at the moment gives me.

So let's see, during Ander's second month of life we made it back to church! We are thrilled with our new ward and look forward to getting to know the members. It certainly helps that our good friends Taylor and Thomas are already in the ward! Automatic friends, for the win.

 We took a risk and tried out going to the lake. Turns out July is still way too blazing hot for a whole lot of fun with a two month old. We managed to get by without much sunburning and hardly any fussing, but mama sure needed a nap by 3 o'clock. Being on the boat knocked Andy right into nap mode, and as always he loved the water. Mor'du was thrilled to be on such a wild adventure and was basically a floormat for the next three days afterwards.

We took the opportunity to have my parents babysit while we attended a session at the Gilbert temple and it was spectacular. I hadn't thought about accommodating my new mom-bod until the night before but luckily the Deseret Book right across the freeway had a beautiful (and stretchy) dress in my size so we were golden! Grandma and Grandpa had been implicit in their desires for us to take our sweet time so as to give them more time with the Bud, so we went to lunch at Mod Pizza afterwards and stuffed ourselves silly with delicious pizzas and homemade lemonade. Seriously, it's amazing. I live literally five miles away from the Mesa temple now but I will make the trip down to Gilbert every time if it means we get to have Mod Pizza after.

Bug-a-boo has grown to love bathtime. It calms him right down and certainly seems to help him get prepared for bedtime.

As for our furbabes, they couldn't be more pleased with the backyard setup. Well, that's a lie. Shade could definitely be more abundant, but the size is definitely a far cry from the maybe ten square feet they had back at the apartment.

Seeing my buddy grow more and more into the little person he's to become has been such a treat. The random stranger in the Walgreen's parking lot said it perfectly when he noted that Andy has quite the stern demeanor:

"But when he does smile, you know you've earned it."

24 inches long
14 lbs, 15 oz
Head circumference 98%

Special note-of-interest: those letter blocks were made from scratch by my own mom back when I was a wee little one and I've dreamed of having them for my kids for as long as I can remember. I thought for the longest time that they had gotten lost or trashed during one of the many moves our family made throughout the years but then I happened to see them tucked away in a corner of my parents house during their latest move and about cried. Snatched those up real quick before they were lost again! 

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  1. Adorable! You'll be SO happy you documented so much about his growth. Everything changes so fast, doesn't it? I LOVE to see you in this fun new Momma-Stage! Finally! :D