Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm Longwinded and I Can't Stop and I'm Not Really Sorry At All

Turns out I have a little bit of an overdraw of "theatrics" in my system than I actually knew about.
Last weekend was the third (?) (possibly the fourth) (I'm terrible, sorry) AZ Blogger Meetup and the theme was, adorably, A Midsummer Night's Dream. That play is a wee bit close to my heart because it is the first real production in which I ever participated. I mean, I played Granny in our first grade rendition of Little Red Riding Hood and I was excellent cuz I'm pretty sure I just napped through the whole thing. The "cottage" was also placed precariously close to the refreshments table and my eye kept wandering to the hershey kiss cookies.
But during my sixth grade year, my school put on Shakespear's Midsummer Night's Dream and I don't recall how the drama instructor got wind that I played harp but it got me the part of playing one of the fairies in Queen Titania's court. We rented a little folk harp that I could carry around, I got my one song to play as a lullaby to the queen and it was the most nerve wracking thing my approximately 13 year old self had ever done. But it was loads of fun. Being a part of something extracurricular like that was quite a wild swing out of my comfort zone and the experience stuck with me.
So I was particularly enticed and ecstatic by the choice of theme for the blogger shindig. I had a simple plan for my outfit, but the night before the event I discovered that the dress in my mind was lost in the black hole limbo vortex that is my house. So the morning of the meetup I hustled on over to my trusty Goodwill and nearly clicked my heels when I discovered that it happened to be Half-off Saturday. And then I realized it was half-off saturday and I would surely grab a shopping cart and my wallet was so totally doomed.
I tried on a myriad of dresses (most were awful) (my 1995 self would be horridly pleased)

I'm very pleased with that coral chevron blouse find, although it unfortunately came with those bizarre waterfall genie pants that I just left with the dressing room rejects.
Can you see the peek of the purple grandma gown in the upper pictures? Heaven help my fashion sense, I don't even know...

I ended up with the above dress, the chevron blouse, and that light blue number you can see behind me. It was the dress that I wanted to wear to the meetup, however it was a bit of a gamble. It's very eccentric and not exactly something I could wear to work or church or even like, the mall. Basically a costume dress.
I wasn't able to wear it but I'm still working on fixing it and I will complete the tale of the Jasmine dress at a later date.

For the meetup however, I ended up wearing the navy spotted dress because I figured it looked sorta like a midnight sky so...applicable because Midsummer Night.

Considering the low-key attire choices by many in attendance, I was much better off with my subtle pick. I slapped together my flower headwreath and taking into account the considerable size of said headdress I dug through our Christmas boxes and found a small fake bird on a clip that I attached as the finishing touch.
I carpooled with the Al[lie]'s (Ali and Allie) (that is an unfortunate configuration because now it looks like I'm emphasizing "lie" which I'm not but it looks like it...) and we were mega early. Which was totes okay because we got first dibs on prime hippie real estate.

We so cute.
Photocred goes to the Allie on the left.

Seriously the set up was so cute. I'm not a photogblographer (blogtographer?) so I didn't take many photos of the getup but there were tables on the ground wrapped in pretty white linens and mason jars (of course) with lovely roses in them that smelled delightful. Glitzy twinkle lights wound up the tree trunks behind the gloriously laden food table display with the sunset peeking through the leafy backdrop.
Gaiz it was beautiful.
There was an abundtance (see what I did there? eh?) of cakes and they were all simply and indubitably fabulous. A couple of moist and heavily frosted, exactly my kind of cake, were donated from Nothing Bundt Cakes and there was an angel food cake with heaps of whipped cream and berries on top which I could eat all. night. Not to mention a heavenly chocolate concoction of dreamy creaminess from the cake queen herself, Jen. I snuck two pieces and contemplated smuggling the rest of it into the trunk of my car for later. And by later I mean probably right then and there.
All the cake.
So yum.
Very nom.
The introductions blessedly occurred after the sun had started going down so it was hard to tell that a multitude of successful, inspiring, fabulous ladies were listening to every nervous word I sputtered out. But then it was picture and mingle and snacking time and all was well in blogger paradise.
Plus I kind of hogged baby muppet Svea for a good part of the evening and my baby hunger exploded exponentially.

I love the blogger meetups. 
They're always oodles of fun and the people are just so worth it
Blogging is so cool gaiz! I'm already looking forward to the next one. 
Huzzah for #azbloggermeetup


  1. ...and huzzah for TSwift gifs!!! :D


  2. Meetup FTW!! ;) I'll have to do a recap post too! Thanks for reminding me hahahaha