Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh Dear...

Many, many, many years ago (probably about 5), one of my dearest bestest friends (that I never talk to anymore and it's quite a travesty but if she'd just exile herself from thatcher then we could probably be friends again...maybe *cough*chelsea*hack*) introduced me to a store with the name of "Half Price Books".
At the time I was still in high school and never having been employed in my life, even clearance books at $2-3 a piece was too much for my nonexistent wallet.
But today, today I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond because gift cards needed to be used and super cool awesome birthday presents were bought (more on that once the birthday boy sees said presents) (can never be too careful with what I reveal on here). Then down to Ross to find more birthday items. I tried to spend a lot of time at the store, because there's AC in there. We use a swamp cooler at our place, turning on the AC only when it's necessary but we also adhere to the 3-6pm rule where AC never gets turned on. So being home during that part of the day is pretty close to miserable.
So yes, I tried to shop for a long time. I lasted about 40 minutes till I was done with Ross and the snippy dressing room lady. RUDE.
So I took my.../ahem, purchases to the truck and looked around in the parking lot for somewhere else I could kill some time.
And there it was.
Half Price Books.
I went in fully intending to just find a random novel, plop in an empty seat and read but unfortunately there was a bright and colorful and eye-catching display right as you walk in through the front doors and I discovered I could own the rest of the Harry Potter series (I only previously had the 3rd, 5th and 6th books) for a mere $14! Uh, yeah. Hardback copies in just spiffy condition. Pretty sure on amazon most of the individual books would go for that much by themselves. Sweeeet!!
And of course it's Harry Potter books so getting four of them means needing a shopping cart and from there I was doomed.
Doomed to be awesome, that is.

Set of Bronte sisters' novels: $9.99
(also part of a "Literary Classics" collection to which I already own the Jane Austen set and the Douglas Adams set)

  • Jane Eyre
  • Shirley
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Villette
  • The Professor
Harry Potter
  • Sorcerer's Stone $3.00
  • Chamber of Secrets $3.00
  • Goblet of Fire $4.00
  • Deathly Hallows $4.00
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer $2.00
(Part of a "banned books" collection of 25 novels so now I have a marvelous list of what to read x])

Three Dan Brown novels
  • The Da Vinci Code $2.00
  • The Lost Symbol $3.00
  • Angels and Demons $2.00 (the one paperback out of all this)
Rakkety Tam $3.00
(Ever enlarging my Brian Jacques collection)

The Host $4.00
(The only salvageable Stephanie Meyers book. It really isn't terribly awful at all.)

And then three $0.49 packs of scrapbooking stickers that weren't just an assortment of butterflies or smiley faces to stick on first graders' scribbling math pages.  
After tax? Total of $45.21
I think I found my new favorite place to be...always.
And I forever thank the gods who discovered that a hair dryer is THE easiest way to get stickers off of books (and anything else, for that matter). No sticky residue or mind-boggling frustratingly difficult ripping paper. Saves my sanity by at least 98% or more.

Good day to you, I have books to read x]

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